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DVD vol. I

The first in a series of DVD's is now available for purchase.

After lies and excuses Office Fantasy 2 vol. 1 is hot off the presses and I mean "Hot" It features Carli, Holly, Natali, Evan, and Samantha as mild mannered secretaries until I come around and they compete for my attention with their naughtiest behavior . The cheap rues they use is almost childish and disgusting. Can you imagine a guy falling for the old "gee it's hot in here and I've got to take off my panties" gag, or here's the real killer. "I've got a itch on my schmooey and I'm going to scratch it with my neck tie". Give me a break !

(The tie will be available to the highest bidder at a later date)

But seriously folks, this video was produced by a 13 year veteran of Penthouse Videos and photographed with high end broadcast equipment. No expense was spared, alright I was cheap on the lunches but that doesn't show on the screen. The video is 56 minutes of pure stocking, pantyhose, high heel, and up skirt ecstasy.

DVD vol. II

This is the second DVD of the Office Fantasy 2 series now available for purchase.

It features the same girls in the same locations. How boring ! Actually not. The girls are wearing different clothes and different undies and after having viewed this DVD a few thousand times I must say it still works for me. Runs 66 min.

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